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Articles by: Martyna Cooper

Breastfeeding on Demand…

Did you know that how often your baby needs to feed is based on your own unique breastmilk storage capacity and milk synthesis rate? Neither of these factors are up for manipulation and are unique to each mother/baby dyad.

The Power of Birth Affirmations

These can be such a powerful tool for birth.

The confidence boost you might need when it all feels too much.

Hearing those soft words whispered into your ear as you break between surges.

Reassurance that you’re doing it.

The encouragement to surrender.

A reminder to trust the process.

The Fourth Trimester – Setting yourself up for a well supported fourth trimester – so that you can focus on rest, recovery, bonding and breastfeeding

The 4th trimester is known as the 12 week period following the birth of your baby. It is a time for rest, recovery, bonding and establishing breastfeeding (if you are planning to do so). Your priorities should include nourishing your body with nutritious food, sleep, rest, learning the skill of breastfeeding, and getting to know your baby.

It took 2 births for me to have real reverence for the slowness needed in the 4th trimester. And so I entered my 3rd postpartum with many lessons under my belt, surrendering to accept help and support from the wonderful circle of women around me, not feeling like I had to hold it all together, setting up firm boundaries around what I needed so that I could focus on rest, healing, and bonding with our baby.

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