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Calmbirth training for Educators, medical practitioners, allied health, students and hospitals

Calmbirth® professional training and workshops 

Calmbirth® has been recognised by the birthing institutions as one of the most holistic, thorough and collaboratively designed course that addresses all the needs of birthing couples on an emotional and physical level. Find out how to train as a Calmbirth Educator, or about the training workshops Calmbirth runs for caregivers, medical staff, allied health, students and hospitals.

Calmbirth® for caregivers and allied health

Workshops for midwives, medical staff, allied health, students and hospitals

Watch your intervention rates decline when you implement Calmbirth®, Australia’s most acclaimed and leading childbirth antenatal education program into your hospitals, and see the positive changes and powerful influence you will make for future generations to birth calmly, safely and confidently.

Calmbirth’s rapid growth since its inception in 2004 is leading the way in childbirth education, training and ongoing research in Australia and around the world. The Calmbirth® program is founded on research from neuroscience, midwifery, obstetrics and epigenetics, so it is clinically and scientifically proven. 

Become a Calmbirth® Educator

How to apply and about the course

How to apply

To apply to be a Calmbirth educator, you must be a practising midwife, GP, obstetrician or accredited Doula working in the birthing profession. 

Applications are reviewed based upon the region you reside in and area you plan to work in, so that every Calmbirth educator gets a fair opportunity to run their business successfully.

Course outline

Calmbirth® Educator training occurs annually in a different state within Australia. It takes place over 5 months and consists of three modules. 

Due to the uncertainties of COVID -19 and the impact it will have on several other industries such as travel and accommodation, one thing is for certain, and that’s the Calmbirth Educator Training 2020 will be going ahead via ZOOM in September this year!

Calmbirth® Educators are expected to achieve a high standard of excellence during their training and to maintain their quality of practice thereafter. 

“What an inspiring, mind changing and absolutely filled with knowledge journey it has been becoming part of the Calmbirth ‘family’. Each of the different components of the program was really well structured, very professionally organised and beautifully presented. Over the years I have heard so many times from the couples attending the Calmbirth program how they came away from it with so much knowledge, confidence and even a bit life changed!

Doing the educator training and being able to dig deeper into that knowledge has allowed me to gain so much more insight into topics anywhere from our bodies, our relationships, to teaching and facilitating skills, to even a much better understanding of integrative medicine. I can only highly recommend this training and joining the Calmbirth family.”

Franchisee information

Calmbirth® franchises are available in Australia and internationally

Registered Calmbirth® educators who have completed the required training are licensed to operate a private practice conducting Calmbirth® childbirth education classes.

The cost of the training is kept as low as possible to enable those who are passionate to join us in our endeavour to bring Calmbirth to as many couples across Australia and abroad as possible.

Read more about becoming a franchisee in this information statement by the ACCC

The aim of Calmbirth® Pty Ltd is to provide: 

  • Support
  • Ongoing education
  • Up to date information on the latest evidence, research and information
  • Networking opportunities

Accredited Calmbirth Educators

The Calmbirth® organisation has built its reputation over the years by the credibility of its Calmbirth Educators which are ALL trained birth professionals. Calmbirth has been the first to create and consolidate strong partnerships with private and public maternity hospitals in Australia, in successfully incorporating the Calmbirth® program into their antenatal structure.

Calmbirth® has close to 100 registered Calmbirth® educators throughout Australia, New Zealand and France.



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