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When things in birth don’t go as planned…

Birth Stories

Story by Liz Markovski

I Loved the Calmbirth course. I did it with hubby at 35 weeks! I was so adamant about a natural birth; however, nothing went to plan.

I do feel it’s important especially for new parents, especially first time mums like myself to take heart and not be so hard on themselves if things don’t go to plan! I was so focused on a natural birth, and nothing was going to sway me, but in the end, what will be will be.

I got induced at 41 + 1, got my waters broken at 2cm. All day labour, after 8 + hours and 2 hours of back to back contractions I was still only 5cm and baby was still high up. I couldn’t handle it anymore, as I didn’t get any sleep the night before so I decided to get the epi. I ended up with a caesarean 4 hours later.

Everything I didn’t want to happen happened, however I stayed calm the whole time and remembered to breathe.

Not only that, but we also forget about dad’s and partners! My hubby cried and became very emotional when we were asked if we wanted a C – section.

He said, “this is not what you wanted babe, you told me to stop you from asking for the epi. Nothing’s gone to plan. I’m scared for you.”

All of this was true, but I remained calm and was able to think clearly, remembering back to the Calmbirth course and what I’d learned. I knew in my heart I was making the right decision for my baby and myself.

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