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Welcome Earth side Calmbirth baby Addison

Birth Stories

Here is her incredibly inspiring birth story…written by her AMAZING Mama Kristen & supported by her wonderful Dad Michael

I was terrified of birth before attending Cass’ Calmbirth class & I truly believe we would’ve had a much different (more stressful) experience if we hadn’t utilised all that we learnt.

At 38+3 days I was diagnosed with Cholestasis & was told I needed to be induced that day. They did a cervical exam & I was already 2cm dilated.

Due to the birth suite being full, I was able to go home & monitor my baby’s movements & if anything changes to come to ED, otherwise come back for induction two days later

I left the hospital in tears & spent the whole day & night obsessed & anxious about the baby’s movements.

I woke up the next day with cramping & when they became more regular I realised I was in spontaneous labour- no induction needed!!

Mike & I managed my labour for 9 hours at home, using all of the techniques taught to us from the Calmbirth Classes

I got to the hospital at 830pm & was 5cm dilated. I was given some panadeine forte & gas.

My waters broke by 10pm.

After 15 minutes of pushing on all fours, working with my body (by this stage the ‘calmness’ had gone & I screamed through every contraction, which also helped), I REACHED DOWN & PULLED MY BABY GIRL ONTO MY CHEST!

It was the most INCREDIBLE experience of my life

I can’t believe I did it!

Mike & I used all of the tools & techniques from Calmbirth throughout the whole birthing journey from home til she was in our arms.

I honestly could not have done it without Michael… he kept me focused & on track throughout.

Warm showers, a heat pack on my lower back, Mike counting my breaths & telling me when I was close to completing a ‘wave’, lots of affection & affirmations from Mike & the Hip Squeeze during a contraction were all life savers!

We honestly can’t thank Cass enough.

Kristen xx

How does it get any better than that?!!! My heart sings with happiness

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