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We had the most beautiful birth experience

Birth Stories

“We had the most beautiful birth experience, and we owe it all to you and your Calmbirth course”

It was not to plan but I was more aware of the choices I could make for myself and baby. I ended up being GBS positive, my waters broke naturally at 12:30am 19/01, I tried to fight it as I had not had much sleep and wasn’t ready to do an induction that day. We presented at hospital 3:00am per the hospital’s instruction being GBS positive, I had minor contractions and was already 3cm dilated. Antibiotics were administered. The syntocinon drip was started around 5:00am and things ramped up!

I laboured naturally with just breath work and the tens machine but after 11 hours I was exhausted and called for the epidural. Epidural was administered but unfortunately (or thankfully) it did not have full effect but still gave me enough for a little rest between. By 6:30pm I was 10cm dilated and after an hour of passive decent I was ready to push.

I got myself into a good mental zone and was still able to feel the contractions and the urge to push which I am so glad I was. I breathed through them knowing each one we were one step closer to meeting our little miracle. The moment she crowned and that ring of fire I knew we were close, I breathed through and held her there and a couple of contractions later and out her body came, it was the best but strangest feeling, it’s like my body was like ‘okay done’ and every pain and feeling throughout was then gone.

Chris was the best support person thanks to everything he learnt from your Calmbirth classes, and he was able to deliver Alana himself which was so amazing! She came out quite stunned and blue and was unable to take her first breath on her own. We had to act quickly, to cut the cord and get her on the oxygen and thankfully within a minute (which felt like forever) we heard her cry, and it was so beautiful.

Thank you again for everything you taught us.

See photos below of our beautiful girl that we spent 3 years and IVF yearning for and was all worth it. We are forever blessed and grateful.

Love Erica and Chris

Birth Story shared with permission
Photos by @photographybysharniallen

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