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The Power of Visualisation…

Birth Preparation

Have you started visualising your labour and birth yet? 

  • Imagine the sensations, the feelings…
  • What is your partner/ support person doing to keep you centred and grounded? 
  • What’s the mood and environment like? 

Is it romantic, it should be! 

And of course, are you keeping your beautiful baby in mind.

Meeting your baby for the first time… 

Bringing your baby home…

Maybe you’re here reading this as someone who is thinking about starting a family or expanding on your family? Great! Start now! 

The more we positively visualise, the more powerful our imagery becomes.

Labour will challenge all aspects of you…physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Utilise your 5 senses in your visualisations… 

Sight – what is your mind visually creating? Make it what you want it to be! 

Hearing – what sounds may be heard? What noises will you make in labour? Imagine your person whispering in your ear with encouraging support 🤍

Touch – what tactile sensations are happening? Movement. Massage. 

Smell – What’s a scent that you love that will strengthen this visualisation?

Taste – are there any tastes involved in your visualisation? Pack your fav snacks! 

For me, it was labouring in my home, being mobile, leaning up against the kitchen bench, looking out to my beautiful view of the Yarra Valley, and then sitting on my couch breastfeeding my new baby – this ingrained a positive postpartum image and my desire to breastfeed. 

The beauty about visualisation is that you can let your imagination run free. 

It’s yours, no one will ever experience your imagery or see into your mind! 

In the Calmbirth course, we discuss the power of visualisation and imagery – how you can use these effective tools for your labour, birth and beyond 



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