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The perfect birth of Pearl Juliet


Hi Dawn I wanted to thank you for giving David and I the invaluable skills and tools we learnt at your calm birth workshop on the 2nd of Feb.


On the 2nd of April we had our baby girl, Pearl Juliet! 
My birth was perfect in every way ! It was calm and completely drug free in all stages. Below is the short story of our perfect birth.

Waters broke on the 1st April at 11.45pm (in bed laying down!)… Then into spontaneous labour overnight.. Tens machine used from 4am on the 2nd April …. laboured mostly at home. Left home at 7pm.. Contractions got down to 3 minutes apart in the car on the way to the hospital. She was born at 11.43pm on the 2nd of April naturally.

Thanks for everything ! Your workshop helped bring Pearl into the world exactly how we wished. 

PS Pearl also did the breast crawl and latched right away! I gave birth standing up ( leaning forward over the bed) she was passed through my legs and onto my chest…she instantly started bopping over my chest and latched straight away! It was incredible!!!here is a photo 4 hours after the birth

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