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The Calmbirth Arrival of Fletcher from both parents perspective!

Birth Stories

We LOVE getting birth stories from our Calmbirth couples, but what we LOVE even more is when we get both sides of the labour and birth journey as it unfolds. Here, Calmbirth couple Joel and Emily share the birth story of their son Fletcher from their perspective. 

From Emily

At 38 weeks bubs was measuring a bit smaller and one doctor had recommended an induction. We sought another opinion from another doctor. All things looked well with me and bubs and we pushed on to 41+3. I was nervous about an impending induction and had to re-frame it in my mind to ease some anxieties around it. We were 11 days over and had the induction booked but I only ended up needing the balloon catheter to get me going and I had the best birthing experience I could have asked for.

I was able to use so many of the tools we learnt in Calmbirth. I feel so incredibly empowered and like an absolute machine and boss lady. I’m still on a high from it. I ended up only using a TENS machine and acupressure points. We had to take the TENS machine away at the end as it was working a little too well.

Thank you so much Dawn for the what you taught us in Calmbirth. Joel was an absolute champion at helping me advocate for us and was amazing during labour. We were so incredibly lucky to have our Midwife journey with us throughout the pregnancy and she was such an amazing person to have by our side to welcome our little man. I couldn’t have imagined a better outcome!

From Joel

When soon to be Dads ask me for advice, I strongly advocate for them to be as involved as possible in supporting their partner through pregnancy and through labour. Too many partners in my opinion take a back seat in pregnancy and labour, and it is a huge missed opportunity for them to build a deeper connection with their partner and take an active role in the arrival of their child. I highly recommend all soon to be parents to do the Calmbirth course and for both parents to be as active as possible.

My wife Emily and I did the Calmbirth course with Dawn a few months before the arrival of our first child Fletcher, I highly recommend this course, and for Dad’s to take an active role in their partner’s pregnancy and labour. The Calmbirth course gave me the knowledge and skills to effectively advocate for Emily within the hospital systems to support her birth intentions.

Emily had a very positive birth experience, partly due to the knowledge we gained in this program. Calmbirth gave me the knowledge to understand the different stages of birth and gave me strategies to support Emily effectively through this. Doing this program months before the birth also helped me to mentally prepare for becoming a father. During the labour, I felt I had strategies to support Emily to help her have a positive birth experience.

Being able to take such an active role as Emily’s support person, and being able to catch Fletcher as he arrived into this world, was the best experience of my life!

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