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The birth of our baby girl Mia

Birth Stories

By Katherine and Kevin Lawless

Dear Karen,

We cannot thank you enough for the tools you equipped us with through Calmbirth. My husband Kevin and I attended Calmbirth in Mittagong last September and have since encouraged all of our pregnant friends to attend as well!


Our beautiful little girl Mia was born on the 5 December at 40+6 weeks, weighing in at 4.61kg!

We both felt fully equipped to go into labour, but nothing can truly prepare you fully. I ended up being induced and laboured mostly in the bath, sleeping between contractions and checks by the midwife. Something that I would have never thought to do had we not attended Calmbirth!

The breathing techniques we learnt were invaluable, as was the mindset to “not think, just do” and to go with the natural urges of my body.

Calmbirth reinforced my belief that our bodies are made for birth and helped me to go in with a positive “take it as it comes” mindset.


I am confident that without Calmbirth, we would not have had a vaginal birth with no intervention and only a little bit of gas! Calmbirth gave me the confidence to trust my body, and gave Kevin the tools to create the calmest, safest and most private environment he could for me (something all of our midwives and doctor on the day jumped fully on board with and loved on the day!)

Kevin used every tool he had in his toolbox and didn’t leave my side on the day, using acupressure and massage during my active phase and encouraging me as I breathed through some incredibly unsettling involuntary urges to push when I wasn’t quite dilated fully.

We cannot recommend the Calmbirth program enough, and cannot thank you enough Karen for your facilitation of it. You have an incredibly calm, reassuring and knowledgeable presence, and pour so much love into the program.


When asked how our labour was by friends and family, Kev and I say that it was a really positive experience – made possible by an amazing obstetrician and the tools that Calmbirth equipped us with to have a natural labour.

Thank you so much!

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