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The Birth of baby Zahra

Birth Stories

Introducing the arrival of our beautiful baby girl:

Zahra Rae Saffioti
Born August 23rd at 1:43pm 
Weighing 3.5kg
Length 52cm



We were induced so I wasn’t able to have the water birth. But we had the most amazing drug free experience ever. Mark and i would not have changed anything ! 

He was the most amazing support breathing with me. Feeding me water, massaging my back. He did not feel helpless at all. We even had intervention with doctors.And even then it was just amazing, they did an amazing job without stressing us out.

We wanted to thank you because without the knowledge, skills and tools from Calmbirth , we honestly don’t think things would have been so amazing for us.
So thank you so much Dawn for your support and knowledge and for the Calmbirth program. 


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