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Stepping into Parenthood

Postnatal Care

Rachel Bridge is a Perinatal, child and family psychologist and author.

She is also one of our Calmbirth expert contributors that prepares Resources for our Calmbirth couples on topics ranging from the postpartum period, setting expectations & parenting to name a few.

She will be conducting a 2 and a half “ Stepping into Parenthood Workshop” on the 30thMay and one of our lucky Calmbirth couples will win a spot in this Workshop.

This Workshop is written to help expecting and new parents navigate the early stages of Parenting.

“Having a baby is a time of wonder, growth and change. The physical, emotional and relational adjustments, gains and losses that come with bringing a new life into the world, can challenge us in ways we never anticipated, or expected, “ says Rachel.

This workshop aims to support the mental health and wellbeing of both parents and their infants.

Topics covered will include:

  • Parenting Expectations
  • Good enough parenting
  • Fourth Trimester & Infant Development
  • Coping wiht change
  • A parent is born
  • It takes a village

The Workshop uses Psychological evidence based principles to help you take a step towards parenthood with a sense of comfort and ease.

To Register for this Workshop please email: rachelbridge.mamabefrank@gmail.com or contact Calmbirth on (02) 4871 1806 or email us at admin@calmbirth.com.au


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