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Possums for parents with babies


Calmbirth is working together with the Possums Clinic to provide families with the latest and evidence based information, services and support they need once they bring their babies home. Now more than ever before where anxiety, stress and fear levels are heightened and the support of families, friends and their village is gone, due to isolation during these very uncertain times, Calmbirth feels that the services the Possum Clinic provides new parents ranging from breastfeeding, infant sleep, unsettled behaviour, maternal mood, infant mental health and so much more is the security and confidence that is needed right now for parents to make their transition into parenthood as calmly and as empowered as they can. 


Possums for Parents with Babies

Possums for Parents with Babies www.possumsonline.com is a registered charity offering families a uniquely holistic approach to infant care. Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC), also known as the Possums programs, offers the latest evidence-based information across the domains of breastfeeding, cry-fuss problems, infant sleep, maternal mood and infant mental health, developed out of more than 15 years of research.

What makes NDC particularly unique is that it not only offers a wealth of practical strategies across each of these domains of infant care, but most importantly, acknowledges how these domains influence each other. Because families experiencing challenging infant behaviour are often found to have issues across multiple domains, holistic strategies are required to achieve optimal outcomes.

NDC is a genuine paradigm shift – we flip much of the popular advice parents receive upside down. Our programs integrate the very latest lactation science, including ultrasound studies on the biomechanics of infant suck, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, gut science, sleep science, attachment psychology and a new set of powerful psychological strategies known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

There are multiple options for families to seek support from Possums:

PIPPS Parents

Join our peer support program and receive lifetime access for just $30. It’s common to feel alone, stressed or worried about your baby’s crying, breastfeeding or sleep problems. As a PIPPS member, you will receive access to all the Possums programs (Neuroprotective Developmental Care) in dozens of short videos and also easy-to-read written guides for parents. Inside our PIPPS portal you’ll meet Dr Pamela Douglas (Founder, GP-researcher), Renee Keogh (RN-lactation consultant, NDC accredited practitioner), Deb Spink (PIPPS co- ordinator, perinatal mental health advocate), and Anya Snyder (mental health nurse practitioner).

No more guilt about how you sleep or feed or care for your baby! Find out what the research really says, and receive non-judgemental support as you explore what you believe is right for your emotional needs, and importantly, those of your unique little baby.


Benefits of joining:

Free access to our live weekly online PIPPS Parents groups using ZOOM (requires registering attendance due to limited spaces available)

When Baby Comes Home: free online access to a specifically designed antenatal session about Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) for expecting parents

Extensive catalogue of videos covering breastfeeding, sleep, supporting your baby’s social, emotional, and sensory-motor development, the fussy baby, baby’s gut health, your emotional wellbeing and much more!

A Parent’s Quick Guide to NDC: divided into small sections for easy reading

Strategies to help your own emotional wellbeing and that of others in the perinatal period (Parenting Partners)

Closed PIPPS facebook group moderated by Parent Mentors

Monthly newsletter

Option to become a Parent Mentor and start your own online group to support others

Access our free online resources including:

Mental health strategies for parents https://education.possumsonline.com/act-mental-health-strategies-parents-babies

Blogs: https://education.possumsonline.com/blog

Videos: https://education.possumsonline.com/video

Podcasts: https://education.possumsonline.com/podcasts

Follow us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/possumsforparentswithbabies/?ref=bookmarks

Read about the latest research: https://pameladouglas.com.au/content/scientific

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Online products

Gestalt Breastfeeding: https://education.possumsonline.com/programs/gestalt-breastfeeding-online-program

The Possums Sleep Film: https://education.possumsonline.com/programs/sleep-film

The Possums Bundle: https://education.possumsonline.com/possums-bundle

Clinical Support

The Possums Clinic Online: www.possumsclinic.com

Find an NDC Accredited Practitioner near you: https://possumsonline.com/ndc-practitioners

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