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Our Valentines day gift – our precious baby girl

Birth Stories

By Alicia

She was born on Valentine’s day. Best Valentine’s day ever!

Thank you so much Dawn for your help and advice via the Calmbirth course we attended. It helped us tremendously with the safe arrival of our beautiful little girl.

She was born on Valentine’s day. Best Valentine’s day ever! I was able to give birth drug free and everything else went as planned (I couldn’t have a water birth). You were right, our bodies tell us when we need to push, I’m glad I was able to let the midwife know as she mentioned it was going to be another hour before they checked how dilated I was. I knew I was ready to give birth. I gave birth standing/leaning over the bed and I was able to help catch and lift her up on my chest, where my partner got to announce we had a little girl.

Not finding out was the best! Such an awesome surprise. She is such a great baby. Breastfeeding, sleeping really well from the start. Which I believe is in part thanks to Calmbirth. As I have been in the best head space, going with the flow rather than stressing about the small things.
We have been getting lots of smiles and she is getting very chatty, it’s so beautiful to see. Thank YOU Calmbirth. 


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