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Oliver’s Calm birth…

Birth Stories

Hi Kath,

I wanted to let you know that our birth plan became our reality thanks to you and the Calmbirth program. We laboured at home all night breathing through each contraction with the help of a tens machine.

We went to the hospital at 830am to find I was 8cm dilated and contracting every 1-2 minutes. We ran the bath and got in not long after I arrived. The bath was a lovely form of pain relief and I found myself very relaxed. I think it slowed down the labour slightly. Anyway, I delivered in the water at 1211 after about 30 mins of pushing. Emil caught little Oliver in the water. I was in total shock about how painful it was haha but came away tear free. Oliver now loves the bath and does his own form of meditation.

Emily, Emil & Oliver

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