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Labour is a dance…

Birth Preparation

Have you started building your labour and birth playlist yet?
We do this for other epic life events and occasions. We need to put the same amount of love and effort into our labour and birth playlist as we would for a once in a lifetime road trip, a groovy dinner party, wedding.
Create a playlist that makes you feeeeeeeeel…
Imagine watching a movie trailer of someone beautifully calm, closing her eyes down, rocking side to side sitting on a fit ball, welcoming the sensations of labour, leaning into the pillars of support around her, a partner, birthing team… What tones will hold this amazing woman in her power and safe space?
Then imagine this woman’s labour becoming more powerful and potent. She is surrendering to this, knowing labour is progressing brilliantly well and it’s normal. This woman is working with her body and her baby – doing the dance of labour – being mobile, swaying, padding her feet up and down, squatting, bending, leaning into her support circle more and more. Focused and feeling grounded by using her breath, reciting affirmation and visualising her baby coming down. Each contraction playing a critical part in the story of welcoming her baby to her world.
This woman is strong, empowered, informed, supported and held
What tones would support her in this dance?
Go find these sounds…
I have three significant songs from my labour and birth experiences.
Heaven I Know. By Gordi – I found out a year later that this song was playing while I was giving birth to my first babe, there were many many tears.
Suite Bergamasque: III. Claire de lune. Andante tres expressif. By Claude Debussy, Alain Planes. Established labour, potent and vocal, arriving at the birthing suite with babe number 2
Heroes – 2017 Remaster. By David Bowie – Transition. In the throws of labour with my second babe, she was born not long after
Build your playlist during pregnancy, listen to it A LOT, Be familiar with it, let it serve you well it comes to your day!

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