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Getting to know Calmbirth Educator Alisha Dewes


We are so excited to announce that the Calmbirth program will be available for ALL pregnant couples living in the sutherland shire and surrounding area at the Sutherland Hospital in March. 

We are equally just as excited to announce that midwife and Calmbirth Educator, Alisha Dewes will be teaching the Calmbirth program at Sutherland Hospital. We would like you to get to know her a little better…Getting to know Alisha Dewes.

“My goal is to break down the barriers for what is ‘normal’ as each birth regardless of outcome should be celebrated as the right of passage that it is. I wish I had access to Calmbirth when I was pregnant with my children and feel blessed to have the opportunity to share Calmbirth with couples at Sutherland Hospital. I promote an all inclusive, fun and interactive learning experience and look forward to launching Calmbirth at Sutherland Hospital in 2019.”

My name is… Alisha Dewes

I work at… Sutherland Hospital as a Clinical Midwifery Specialist

My life in 5 words… A Rollercoaster filled with love & lessons.

The best thing about where I live… What’s not to love about The Sutherland Shire? We have beautiful beaches and national parks with a rich history as the birthplace of modern Australia. ‘The Shire’ is booming with young families and businesses including cafe’s, restaurants, plus the shopping at Miranda Westfield is great. Everything you need is so close you find a lot of locals like myself never leave.

What I do to relax when I’m not working… I love yoga, relaxing on the beach or in the bath and cooking. All of these things bring me back to centre and calm the chaos.

I can’t live without… Connection! My family and friends are my driving force, my purpose.

The person I most admire… My mum! She has been a Midwife for almost 40 years and is the reason I am a Midwife today. Somehow she managed to juggle work and always be there for us, never missing any school events. Now as a mother and midwife, I see how much she sacrificed to do that. She is one of the most resilient, strong and selfless people I know.

What I love most about being a Calmbirth Educator… I absolutely LOVE being apart of the positive birth movement, it has reignited my passion as a midwife working with birthing couples. The opportunity to observe couples break down their fears and empower themselves to achieve the best possible birth for them.

If I had to describe my own birth experiences in 3 words… Empowering, Reborn, LOVE!

The 3 essential things you need to take with you into labour are…

  1. Strong support
  2. An open mind
  3. Trust in yourself and inner resources.

My most memorable moment as a Calmbirth Educator… When I received a text from my first Calmbirth couple, They had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. It was an image of pure joy and love mixed with relief. Followed by a message stating they had an amazing and quick birthing experience. I knew that by teaching them Calmbirth it assisted them to have the best birth possible for them.

A favourite quote… “It’s your road, and yours alone, others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you” Rumi

If you had to describe how seeing a baby being born makes you feel… I feel blessed to witness the miracle of life entering this world on a daily basis, no matter how a baby is born that moment is the same, I still get flushed after every birth, we call it ‘the midwife glow’.

You can follow me  @Alisha_Dewes

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