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FRANJO’S KITCHEN – There is no birth like a well – nourished Calmbirth

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We are so thrilled to announce our collaboration with Franjo’s Kitchen that was created by two Calmbirth mums, Fran and Jo –  two passionate mums who put their heads and skills together to create a natural, delicious, healthy and functional range of lactation cookies that supports every stage of life – from pregnancy and breastfeeding through to toddlerhood and beyond.

We will be working together, providing pregnant women samples of their naturopathically designed lactation cookies and supporting women on their pregnancy and breastfeeding journey.



We believe that food should taste great and be full of natural ingredients that work with your body, not against it. 
That’s why you’ll never see any additives, preservatives or refined sugar in our products. 
Only the best quality ingredients to help you liveyour best life.


“For us, it is not just about producing healthy and functional food. It’s about helping mum’s navigate the beautiful yet bumpy road of motherhood.


“With six kids between us, we have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows – from exhilarating joy to feeling completely overwhelmed. And we want you to know that you’re not alone. You have two mums cheering you on and sending you love, always.


“When you eat our biscuits, crackers and muesli, we want it to feel like we’re giving you a warm and delicious hug. Whether you’re struggling to keep anything down while pregnant or worried about your milk supply, we hope our functional food makes ‘mumlife’ that little bit easier for you”.

As a naturopath, trained yoga teacher and lover of all things movement (including 70.3 ironman’s), Jo loves to explore and understand the connection of the mind and body. She believes this connection is a powerful tool in her everyday life which includes managing Franjos Kitchen, working with her naturopathic clients, training and of course being a loving and present mum to her 3 children and wife to her husband Ed.


For Jo, it was a no-brainer to reach out to her local Calmbirth educator when she was pregnant with her first baby, Matilda. The support, advice and teachings that Jo and her husband gained enabled them to get through Jo’s first birth (41 weeks, induced, natural birth with no pain medication) as well as her twin birth (induced 37.5 weeks, epidural and a normal vaginal birth). 

Fran also benefited from the Calmbirth course and used the Calmbirth skills and techniques to help her labour with her first baby Phoebe.

 “Calmbirth helped me manage my anxiety when things didn’t quite go to plan during labour (ending up in an emergency caesarean) and during my two subsequent planned caesarean births I drew on the skills that I learnt from Calmbirth including visualisation to help me have a wonderful birth experience”.

Jo and Fran truly believe that the mind and breath are a powerful tool, and that all pregnant families would benefit from the amazing teachings of Calmbirth.

“We are elated that as a company, we are able to collaborate with the amazing team at Calmbirth. They provide education and a huge sense of empowerment to new and expectant couples, something we at Franjos Kitchen are incredibly passionate about”.

To find out more about Franjo’s Kitchen and to order your own naturopathically designed lactation cookies to help support your milk supply go to:  https://franjoskitchen.com


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