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Felix, my bundle of joy

Birth Stories

So as my due date arrived, I was still showing no signs of my little man arriving. We arranged with the obstetrician to get induced 6 days later had he not shown his face. Not part of the plan, but didn’t want to go too far over an increase chance of C-section if he got too big.

I went in the night before D-day for the gel application and to enduring the nerve-racking overnight stay while waiting for something to happen. I experienced mild period like pains throughout the night, finding it hard to sleep I played some soothing storm sounds and visualized my happy place in the rainforest which sent me into a calm slumber. Something I never would have been able to do before Calmbirth.

Come 7am the obstetrician came by to check dilation and attempt breaking the waters. No go. Not dilated at all, however cervix was soft and short. So second gel application was attempted. Continued to experience more painful contractions and however very erratic, and constant back pains. My hubby was fantastic keeping me comfortable with his positivity and back rubs, while reminding me to move around the room and do whatever made it more comfortable… midday check up, still no change. I was getting quite nervous… The obstetrician came to me with a couple of options. I was not dilating at all. So we could wait till 7pm check again and if nothing try a final dose of gel, or possibly go home for a day and see if I progress naturally… OR… arrange a C-section. Not ideal. I decided to wait and see what happened over the next few hours. The obstetrician said he’d only seen this happen a couple of times where the cervix just would not open. Assuming possibly a result of damaged scar tissue from a previous laser treatment on my cervix to remove abnormal cells…

I try to relax in bed as much as I could, as I was getting a bit upset at the prospect of C-section. And didn’t want to go home and start this all over again. My hubby continuing to be so positive, helping me keep calm with my breathing and frame of mind. It really helped me stay focused…4pm, just relaxing on the bed with my eyes closed I felt a sudden massive POP inside. Like my cervix has just burst open. Then sudden much stronger contraction… a minute rest. Then another about minute long contraction… a few of those then.. my water broke… it was all happening… all of a sudden!!

I believe I had finally let my body naturally relax and let go…the obstetrician came and saw me and said he’d return in a few hours to check progression…  from then on contractions continued for about 45-1min, 1 minute apart for about 2 hours. My hubby encouraged me to move freely around the room. We utilized the birth ball and the back rubbing we had learnt in Calmbirth, as well as the breathing techniques to get through each contraction. We managed to remain super calm. The pain started to get pretty extreme and I was feeling quite nauseous.

Unable to get comfortable and unsure I could handle the pain much longer without assistance. The midwife checked my dilation and I thought it was possible I was having the urge to push… after a second opinion, it was confirmed. I was fully dilated and it was go time… as I desperately wanted my obstetrician with me for delivery I managed to endure about 30minutes of these super strong contractions and suppress massive urges to push until I couldn’t hold it any longer. My hubby was amazing reminding me we were about to meet our little man. And being an amazing support. I HAD to push. As I gave in to finally push my obstetrician walked through the door, just in time. With a few quick instructions and words of motivation, it was time to meet our little angel. Three or four big pushes and there he was. Perfect in every way… thanks to the instructions of controlled breathing and pushing from my obstetrician and my previous work with the epi-no and my Calmbirth training, I managed no tear at all. And a totally natural birth. Everything I had hoped for and worked towards. It was truly amazing. Such a proud experience to have gotten through it all so seamlessly and then to meet our little man at the end just topped it all off perfectly. We introduced ‘Felix William’ into the world weighing a perfect 3.4kg, with a great set of lungs and a full head of hair. Straight onto my chest for some precious skin to skin time, and latched for his first feed like a dream. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect birthing experience (not many times those few words are put together I’m sure). We feel so lucky!!

Prior to doing Calmbirth I was quite an anxious person. Always over thinking these types of scary situations and thinking the worst. Since the class, and continuing to do the relaxations, breathing and visualizations, my mind set and anxieties changed completely. I was ready and confident. So much calmer in my thoughts and had the tools I needed to make it a great experience for us all. I have highly recommended Calmbirth to many friends and will continue to do so. Thank you for teaching us everything we needed to make this experience as amazing as it was.



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