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Calmbirth baby Miss Amelia Rose

Birth Stories

I get so much joy from receiving couples birth stories! Just a reminder to the amazing strong women I work with-I simply awaken what’s within you! It’s all YOU!!


I just wanted to message and say another big thank you for our Calmbirth weekend with you. It had such an impact on my last weeks of pregnancy, labour and birth!

At 39+5, at 3:30am I woke to a bloody show, I lost my mucus plug and 10 minutes later my waters broke. At 4:00am I started getting tightenings that became more regular and stronger as the day progressed. We went for walks around the neighbourhood to keep upright and active. We continued with our acupressure points to keep things moving and help the strength of them. I hand expressed and continued my calm breathing in our dark candlelit room with calm birth music playing. Come midday they started becoming regular so I started timing them.

On arrival at the hospital at 8:40pm I continued contracting, and my midwife asked if I’d learnt hypnobirthing or calm birthing as I was so calm and relaxed and they were amazed! We moved to the shower which was amazing relief! I laboured in there until I could feel myself transitioning. We then moved to the bath which was beautiful. We were in the rainforest room in birth centre, and we kept it warm and dark, candlelit with relaxation music playing. I was about 7cm at this point. I was continuing my calm breathing.

I could feel the exact moment when the fetal ejection reflex took over as you’d discussed, it was powerful and incredible!

Miss Amelia Rose was born at 5:14am.

I’m so grateful as all I wanted was for spontaneous labour with no intervention! Everything flowed so beautifully and I feel so grateful for the labour and birth I had visualised and worked hard for!

She is an absolute dream, and I can say a calm birth has lead to a calm baby! She is an absolute dream and we are loving being parents.

Thank you again Brooke

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