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BREAKING NEWS – Calmbirth Pilot Study in Auckland City Hospital


Calmbirth classes – FREE of charge in a Pilot Study in Auckland City Hospital


From September 2020 to June 2021 Calmbirth will be conducting Calmbirth courses for Auckland District Health Board for FREE to couples that meet the criteria. This pilot project is part of an initiative to create opportunities for normal birth at Auckland City Hospital.

“Calmbirth is so thrilled to be partnering with the Auckland District Health Board to bring our program to its couples and community and help them achieve their goal to increase their normal birth rates, whilst also looking after the emotional wellbeing of their birthing families,” says Director of Calmbirth Karen McClay.

Calmbirth courses will be held FACE to FACE over a weekend (12 hours in total) and midweek via Zoom. The Auckland District Health Board are so pleased to offer this  evidence based, unbiased, clinically and scientifically proven antenatal program and see this as a fantastic opportunity for its birthing couples to experience. Book NOW, places will be limited. To Register go to: http://pepi.adhb.govt.nz/

To be a part of this pilot Study you will have to meet the following criteria:

Do I meet the criteria?

  • I live in Auckland DHB catchment area
  • I have chosen to birth my baby at Auckland City Hospital
  • I am committed to completing the 12 hours course and practising the techniques (important for maximising effectiveness)
  • I agree to take part in the online evaluation and am happy to be contacted after birth to share feedback on my experience (this will just be a very small random sample).

Anyone birthing at Auckland Hospital can register their interest. Priority will be given to:

  • women having their first baby and planning a normal birth or planning a normal birth after caesarean;
  • women who are particularly anxious about labour and birth;
  • women who are engaged in Auckland DHB’s Pregnancy and Parenting program.

When are the Calmbirth courses being conducted:

Calmbirth Courses will start in September, 2020. Registrations are NOW open!

When should I attend?

You can register at any time, but the best time to attend the Calmbirth course is between 24 to 34 weeks gestation.

To Register for this pilot go to:http://pepi.adhb.govt.nz/


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