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BIG Babies…Part 3

Birth Preparation

THE BIG BABY! follow up post – The third with still many more to come!

Pictured – a 39cm head circumference and no stitches for this super Mum.

Just because your baby might be bigger than average (or suspected of being) it does not take away your right to consider the birth you had originally dreamed of.

It is essential to discuss with your healthcare provider their experience in managing shoulder dystocia and what complications are associated with induction. If you are aiming for a physiological birth, you may want to seriously question the recommendation for induction without other medically confounding variables.

If induction is part of your birth plan and an informed decision-making process, then that might be the right choice.

Routine 3rd-trimester ultrasounds will identify more pregnancies with macrosomia but will not have any clinically significant effect on predicting shoulder dystocia (Moraitis et al., 2020).

What was your experience?


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