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Baby Fraser’s positive birth induction…

Birth Stories

Story by Sarah & Mick

Mick and I welcomed our little boy Fraser into the world on 22 Nov.

We were 9 days overdue, and despite all efforts (acupuncture, Physio, chiro, massage, spicy curry, bumpy car rides, soft sand beach walks…..) we went ahead with the induction on Sunday.

As you know we were apprehensive and nervous about being induced as we know this intervention often leads to others. However, after undertaking the Calmbirth course and with Jodi our doula by our side we were determined to write our own story.

We requested to work with a midwife who would support our desire for a calm birth environment who understood our preferences for a natural birth experience (although we were being induced). 

We were lucky to be paired with Doris who was able to let us make the space our own and did not intervene unless required.

Our birth suite was decorated with focus pictures from some of our favourite holidays, oil diffuser, sarongs, dim candles and calming music. You would have been proud! 

My waters were broken at 9am and syntocinon was started. Mick had a nap for the first hour while Jodi went for a swim, by lunch time my surges were really kicking in and getting much stronger and closer together, and I was 3cm dilated, while slowly progressing as my cervix was shortening. The CTG which was monitoring the baby’s heart tones was dropping quite often from 130 to 60 so we decided it would be safer for the baby to allow for the scalp clip to be inserted. This allowed me to move around more freely, and we had less concerned midwives coming into the room as they had a better picture of what was going on.

Over the course of the next few hours we utilised the shower and birth ball positions, massage and calm birth breathing techniques to help manage the discomfort and keep progressing. Mick fed me teaspoons of honey, and coconut water to keep my energy going, as I was starting to feel quite uncomfortable and tired. I had strong pain in my sacrum and received sterile water injections which made it less painful for about an hour. 

At 5pm I was 5cm dilated and moved into the bath. When I asked I was advised my next VE wouldn’t be for another 4 hrs (9pm) I was disheartened as I couldn’t imagine going on into the late evening, and started to lose my focus. 

In the bath I tried to use the gas to take the edge off, however that didn’t last long as I found it to put me off my breathing rhythm.

The baby’s heart tones dropped again while I was in the bath, and my surges were becoming  stronger and closer together, without offering me much of a break. The syntocinon was dialled back and it was suggested I get out of the bath to check my cervix.

By 6pm I was fully dilated!

It was recommended I don’t proceed with a water birth as the baby’s tones were still low, so I was lay on the bed for the final stage of our labour. 

After 35 mins of pushing, our little man arrived into the world. I was thrilled with the birth outcome as we did not require medicated pain relief, no episiotomy or delivery intervention, and the perennial massage definitely helped. 

Despite the induction, and being hooked up to a cannula all day, it was a positive birth for us, relatively quick as well. 

Fraser was 2.96kg, and born with his eyes wide open and alert.

The Calmbirth course prepared us for the experience, and gave us (Mick especially) the tools to focus and make the experience special.

Thank you for all you have taught us, we can’t recommend the course enough. 

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