The Importance of Touch

THE IMPORTANCE OF TOUCH WITH AN INFANT – like the language of the womb.

We communicate with our hands; touch is the primary language. ”

The Importance of Infant Touch

Understanding “comes after “feeling.” It is a language of skin-to-skin from which emerge all of our sensory organs. A newborn’s skin has intelligence and sensitivity; it is through the skin that it knows its entire world, that is, its mother.   From inside the uterus, the infant’s back responds to touch, and when born, this contact is gone forever, from the past to the present. There are changes in weight, temperature and how an infant moves, in their power and rhythm.

Tongue Talk

How your tongue is positioned in your mouth can dictate how you feel, how your body responds and how you navigate life, all of which correspond with your anatomical nervous system. When your tongue rests at the base of your mouth, your body goes into ‘Survival Mode.’ When it rests on the roof of your mouth, you are in ‘Rest and Recovery mode.’ A simple way to do this is to smile; your tongue automatically moves to the roof of the mouth.


Spring is in the air, causing allergies, runny nose or nasal congestion, sneezing, itchy eyes, skin issues or respiratory conditions like asthma. We may have a simple solution for changing the response in your body, and it is not taking the usually prescribed medicines from the local chemist. With pregnancy, it can be challenging to find a solution. Here are a few suggestions for you to take on board to create a change in the way you feel.

Calmbirth & Creating A Positive Change For a VBAC

There are many myths about having a vaginal birth after a caesarean (VBAC), and the risks and outcomes for the mother and baby are discussed negatively. But what if we saw birth as a positive experience empowering rather than something to be feared?

Sacral Points To Aid With Pain And Stimulate Labour

Traditional Chinese medicine has become one of the go-to medicines for aiding the start of labour. Acupuncture is one of the more commonly used treatments and is known to be effective for many issues. However, one specific use for both acupuncture and acupressure that is lesser known is its ability to induce labour. The Sacral Area Of The Body Aids With Moving Into Labour and Reducing Pain In Labour

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