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Articles by: Karen McClay

Happy International Midwives Day – From Midwife & Calmbirth Director Karen McClay

Hi, I’m Karen McClay Director and owner of Calmbirth. It’s been a while since I last introduced myself.  I also want to use today, International Day of the Midwife to pay homage to all the wonderful work midwives do around the world and to thank all the midwives I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

I’ve been a midwife for over 14 years, and I can honestly say that what I love best about being a midwife is being with women and holding space for them as they transition into motherhood. It is the relationship and trust that is built that enables me to support, guide, and nurture them through their journey knowing they will feel safe. And to be able to bear witness to one of the most amazing miracles of life… birth in my day-to-day work is an honour I will forever cherish.

The Empowering Calmbirth of our son Louis

The birth of our son Louis was very positive and aligned with my birth intentions, I’d go a step further to say it was an incredible and empowering experience. It was medical intervention free, drug-free, I gave birth in an active position and I was able to pull him out and bring him directly to my chest. I laboured 8 hours at home with the support of my husband Matthieu and my doula Jade. I used water immersion and a TENS machine to assist with the pain of the contractions.

An Unplanned, Empowered and Calm Homebirth…

My partner and I attended one of your weekend classes back in June 2018 at the Southern Highlands. We went on to have a very successful and enjoyable birthing experience at Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick (a water birth with just gas and air). Consequently, I’ve been an advocate of Calmbirth ever since.

An empowered Calm birth all the way…

During our routine OB check up at 39+2, the ultrasound showed I had low amniotic fluid. We had been avoiding ultrasounds other than the compulsory ones but so close to term, and with the fundal height measuring small, we agreed to a last minute ultrasound. I wonder if my labour experience would have been different if we opted to not get one as per our usual routine. Our OB sent us immediately to do a CTG and a proper ultrasound at a specialist to double check and we had been booked to go back to the OB a few hours that same day to review the results. Our CTG was ok but it turned out we had an AFI of 5 (instead of 8 recommended).

Welcome to the world Calmbirth baby Luka Fox…

Welcoming our little Luka Fox to the world . Born right on 41 weeks on Thursday 23/2 at home after a 12 hour labour. Wow! Women are amazing. The hardest most rewarding thing I have ever done!!! I underestimated how hard the pushing phase could be.

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