Karen Keefe is a registered midwife with over 13 years experience, and she has practiced in a variety of contexts in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia, including homebirth and hospital birthing spaces in various roles.

She says, “I became a registered Calmbirth® Educator in 2022 and loved learning about, and now teaching and promoting, the Calmbirth® philosophy and knowledge. It is wonderful to help equip women and partners so that they may tap into their mind, body and birth connection, feeling empowered to achieve their very best birth and transition to parenthood – no matter how the journey unfolds.

“Prior to my midwifery journey I was a certified doula in California and Hawaii. Outside of the birthwork space I am an avid wilderness photographer, a yoga teacher, regularly go out bushwalking and camping, enjoy meeting and connecting with birthworkers all over the world, and spend my time helping to protect wilderness places as well as help look after canine and feline fur babies for others. One day I’d love to learn to be a rescue wildlife carer.  I look forward to sharing Calmbirth® with you!”