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Articles by: Chloe Neville

Milk supply: “What will my breasts think?

One of the biggest reasons reported for stopping breastfeeding is low supply. This is where parents feel the amount of milk their baby receives from breastfeeding is not enough to meet their needs.

However, it’s actually very rare that a mother is unable to make enough breastmilk for her baby.

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How To Be A Good Villager Postpartum

To the family and friends that make up a new parents’ village,

There are few things that are more exciting than when one of your loved ones grows a new family member. There is a special responsibility that comes with being close to new parents, and ones that may well bring a shift in your relationship. You are entrusted to listen without judgement, to love them through their transformation into parenthood, and to pursue them through it. You are part of their village, and whether it’s their first baby or their thirteenth, there are lots of ways you can help. If you are new to the village (or a village veteran!) and want some tips, know that your thoughtfulness has already brought you halfway there! See below for more great ways to love on new parents.

Blue Hands Warm Heart – The normal colours of a newborn

When I am teaching parents about birth I intentionally include a picture of a baby when they are first born – many people are surprised by their initial colour! I find that in the first day after birth, one of the most common questions I get asked is about the colour of their baby’s hands and feet. We’re tackling these concepts in this blog post, so read on for more!

Transformers & Miracle Workers – How Your Body Changes in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is about more than just growing a baby.
Sure, technically that’s what it’s about, but for your body it means so much more.

Every single system of your body needs to change in some way to keep you and your baby healthy. Seems drastic, maybe, but growing new humans is a pretty drastic undertaking, wouldn’t you say?

There are of course a thousand different changes your body goes through during pregnancy, but here are 5 systems and the fascinating ways your body adapts them for pregnancy and to prepare for birth.

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Naomi and Shane’s Positive Waterbirth Story

Naomi and Shane had a positive waterbirth of their beautiful daughter at a public hospital with care by a Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) midwife.

Chloe, your passion for women, babies and birth was infectious throughout the Calmbirth course. You reframed expectations I didn’t realise I had eg. that labour would just have to be endured and fought through gritted teeth. Instead, I learned how to work with my hormones, adrenaline, contractions and instincts.

You instilled in me such an awe and wonder for how women’s bodies are made to birth babies. I found that labour itself can be a truly incredible experience!

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