An uncomplicated Calm and intervention free birth

William Jack Downie was born on 27th August at 1.07pm. Weighing 3.85kg and measuring 51cm long.

Our birth story:

I had been having irregular contractions from the early hours of Friday 25th August. I started to lose my mucus plug that day, so I was hopeful labour was imminent.

Our precious, dark haired baby girl never made a sound but opened one eye to see the world she had been born into.

The Calmbirth course with Cherie was one of the very first things we booked and it complimented our work with our doula so beautifully. With Cherie, we moved through our fears and gained such invaluable insight to stages of labour, the power of the breath, the role of hormones, the hospital system, pain management, birth plans, and postpartum. We finalised our birth map together after completing the course and found that the hospital midwives respected our wishes because we were informed about our choices and had considered all scenarios.

Our baby landed on earth so calmly and we both believe it lead to a calmer postpartum period – something we attribute to the Calmbirth course.

I have also found a village through Cherie’s morning teas and it’s been so impactful on my motherhood journey.

Our birth of our baby is what we consider to be perfect (for us), and it’s a day we will cherish in our hearts for eternity. Thank you Cherie for your knowledge, your passion and your care.

Calmbirth baby Levi is born…

“My contractions felt stronger during and after my appointment so I went home and did everything I learnt in the Calmbirth course to encourage them. (Bouncing on the ball, clary sage, curb walking, acupressure, staying hydrated and keeping positive.) I was having contractions every 3-4 minutes lasting for a minute.”


“Out of curiosity, I asked my midwife how dilated I had been when she did the internal check, and she told me that I was only 5cm at the time – so I went from 5cm dilated to giving birth in half an hour!

“Luca did end up being a “big baby” (4.8kg/10lb 9oz) but I was able to trust my body and baby to labour and birth in their own time, without being medically induced purely based on size. Calmbirth helped so much with providing the knowledge and the tools to be confident in my body’s abilities with both my second and third birth experiences.”

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