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An empowering calm homebirth…

Birth Stories

Story by Elicia

“I want to shout it from the rooftops, it was everything I hoped”

James and I had a beautiful baby girl at home in the early hours of Tuesday morning. I laboured for 26 hours with early labour being pretty on and off but as soon as the sun went down Monday evening everything moved nice and quickly. Baby was born at 41 + 1 with her membranes still intact (my waters never broke)! 

When contractions ramped up, I found myself involuntarily doing ‘horse lips’ which really helped me relax and focusing on my working breath was what got me through to the end.

James was an amazing support and took me grunting in his face like a champ. The most helpful thing he did was breathe WITH me and remind me to keep my noises low by making low toned noises himself. I escaped without a scratch (that’s right you can have a baby without tearing or needing stitches!) and am recovering well, just all taking our time adjusting to being a family of 5.


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