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A Positive Birth Experience

Birth Stories

Story by Yasar & Rob Raiti

My name is Yasar and I attended a Calmbirth course with my husband Rob, back in March. You presented the content to us in Nepean Hospital.

We would like to happily share our news and that is, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Zara into this world on Friday 23/04/2021. 

Zara was born at a tiny 2.34kg and she is 51cm long. She has already brought so much joy to our lives. I have attached some cute photos below.



I wanted to share my birthing experience with you. I had to be induced at 38 weeks and 2 days as Zara’s growth was being impacted upon. There was no clear reason for this, however the doctors speculated that it is based on my size and frame but didn’t want Zara to stress and overwork if I went to my due date.

My waters were broken on 23/04/2021 and immediately thereafter, I was given syntocin to bring on the first stage of labour. I was then able to deliver by having a vaginal birth without anaesthesia. I did use nitrous oxide and this helped get through the first stage of labour. From the time of induction, to the time of delivery, it was over in 3 hours and 20 minutes. This was great as it was my first pregnancy too.

I was quite anxious about the induction as I didn’t want it to fail. I was really excited to allow things to naturally take their course but this isn’t always the case. I owe it to Calmbirth and to you, for equipping both my husband and myself with the knowledge and tools to help me get through labour and birth. Because of your wealth of knowledge and your expertise, I was able to embrace the whole experience. I was also able to have the delivery that I wanted and that is due to the information you relayed such as the Calmbirth breathing techniques, the medjool dates study to some basic exercises and the way I should have my body positioned. I believe this helped make the labour and birth experience, a smooth one. Both Rob and myself utilised these strategies and tools in the lead up to the birth of Zara.

Thank you again.


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