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A Classical Tale

Birth Preparation

We had such a positive birth experience! Tens and gas and lots of slow breathing, plus I listened to a lot of classical piano pieces that I can play myself, so I imagined playing them to get me through contractions. I had a long spurious initial phase of labour (two days and two nights!) but felt very calm and relaxed- we did crosswords together to pass the time.

Labour itself was really an out of body experience! I definitely needed the gas but felt so empowered afterwards! I borrowed a tens machine, it was amazing!
Thanks for your course Dawn, it really helped us understand the process of birth and we were such a united team for our labour. I think having the belief that you can do it, that women before you and women after you have/will do it and that birth is natural (not a medical emergency) is really important. Just the best thing I’ve ever done, our bodies are incredible!

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